Proven process

Discovery and analysis

What’s your situation? We begin each engagement with a diagnostic phase to learn about your stakeholders, audience, branding, competitive landscape, resources, and communication ecosystem. We create a visual map of what we’ve learned so that you can see what we see. Then together we can look for gaps, redundancies, resourcing issues, opportunities, challenges, and potential barriers to success.

Problem definition

Does your problem still look the same when viewed from another perspective? We help you validate whether the problem you’ve identified is completely and clearly articulated. If necessary, we help you refine, or even redefine the problem so that your solutions are truly on target.


How will you marshal stakeholders and reach your audiences? What will success look like? How will you know when you’ve achieved it? What are the logistical implications? We work with you to envision, articulate, and prioritize internal and external strategies, and to define targets and measures for success. We also help you plan for the consequences of success, something that’s often overlooked.


What will your strategy look like when made real? We explore design options that flow organically from your content and fit your audience, and work closely with you to select and refine the best fit. The outcome of this phase is a blueprint for your communications initiative, with detailed specifications and an implementation guide that describes what the materials should look like, and why.

Implementation and deployment

We can turn the design into tangible communications tools, or we can coordinate and oversee your existing vendors or help you find new ones.


What happened? We help you plan for how and when you will evaluate success and what you will do with the learning.


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