Improve sales responsiveness through
training and development initiatives


This confidential client was losing market share and needed to strengthen their sales organization. Existing efforts were hampered by turnover, an inadequate pool of management candidates, and lack of a clearly identified progression for professional development.

We were hired to help with a series of separate communications and training initiatives intended to build an effective management pipeline, reduce time-to-effectiveness for new hires, improve sales management training, and improve and consolidate career development programs.

How we helped

One key benefit we provided was helping stakeholders see how seemingly unrelated solutions could be integrated into compelling, cohesive systems. We organized development content into practical, audience-centered materials, built internal brands to communicate value, and created stakeholder presentations for use in garnering support and explaining the changes.


  • Reduced time-to-effectiveness for newly hired sales representatives, resulting in positive effect on market share (and received an ASTD Excellence in Practice citation)
  • 100% of leadership training program participants were successfully promoted to positions of significantly greater responsibility
  • Improved consistency and usability of career development materials
  • Improved efficiency of sales management training

Services provided

  • Analysis and strategy
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Branding
  • Instructional design
  • Information design

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