Support a product launch by showcasing the technology behind a new system for SMBG


In preparation for launch in the United States, the client marketing team was working closely with their advertising and digital agencies to create key sales assets for a self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) product. To better support technical questions from clinicians and payers, the client sought our expertise to help explain and visualize key aspects of the underlying science and technology.

How we helped

First, we worked closely with the client to co-develop a creative brief built upon existing market research and a review of current technical specifications, key messaging, and brand context. We then developed specifications for a 12-page print brochure (preferred by the sales force) that would support clear design objectives.

The project required that we dissect complicated R&D documents and translate them into user-friendly visual descriptions for healthcare professionals. We then presented the content in an intuitive arc so that the information told a cohesive story from front to back while also enabling focused conversations around the content on each two-page spread.


  • "Chris took the complex information, easily digested it, and was able to produce a very comprehensive and attractive small booklet that met the objective we mutually agreed upon in the beginning. The final piece was admired in the field as well as internally." - Amy S., Product Director, Johnson & Johnson

Services provided

  • Design strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Illulstration and visualization
  • Data presentation
  • Design, layout, and production

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