Improve the efficiency, usability, and visibility of research support for investigators


LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson operating company, wanted to improve the efficiency, control, and reach of a program that provides support for investigator-sponsored research. To address those needs, they planned to adopt a hosted software solution that would facilitate program management for internal stakeholders and provide an online application process for researchers. The transition would also enable LifeScan to consolidate how the program was administered across global regions.

How we helped

Our first task was to help LifeScan better understand how the change would impact internal and external stakeholders. Based on those findings, we translated the client’s vision of success into a communications plan that articulated program goals and metrics, identified key messaging, and recommended specific deliverables.

To reduce the time that administrators spent handling researcher questions, we developed a web site that articulates the value of the program, describes how it works, and provides simple instructions for the online application process. We wrote or rewrote other key tactical communications — from process documentation and collateral to launch announcements — to ensure consistent messaging at every touchpoint.

Once LifeScan selected a specific software package, the Emphatic team worked closely with LifeScan’s implementation team and the software vendor to optimize the user experience for researchers, streamline interface elements, create a user manual, and develop training for internal LifeScan audiences.


  • Accomplished successful launch of new system
  • Reduced burden on program administrators and consolidated information from multiple regions
  • Established systems for training internal stakeholders
  • Created reference and process documentation where none existed
  • Prepared LifeScan to take a leading role for investigator-sponsored study programs within the Johnson & Johnson medical devices and diagnostic organization

Services provided

  • Communications planning
  • Analysis and consulting
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Web architecture and content development
  • User experience/interface consulting
  • Instructional design
  • Process visualization

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