Design and brand an online educational resource for fellows in interventional radiology


Genentech faced changing conditions that could impede their relationships with a key audience. In response, they asked IntraMed to create a medical education initiative in the field of interventional radiology. Based on the input of key opinion leaders, IntraMed envisioned an innovative approach that would generate awareness among medical fellows and provide much-needed, state-of-the-art resources. IntraMed sought our expertise to help them refine and present their idea to Genentech, and to create strategic communications and branding for the initiative.

How we helped

Our initial challenge was to gain a better understanding of the narrow and highly specialized target audience. To identify the approach and media to which the fellows would best respond, our team compiled insights from interviews and research to build a “learner” profile. Based on our findings, we were able to create a more meaningful explanation of the architecture and potential of the program, thereby helping IntraMed secure Genentech’s support. 

To ensure a distinctive brand that would resonate within the target community, we developed an extensive array of name and logo choices and led stakeholders through an assessment process to select the best option. We developed the architecture and design for a web portal that paired state-of-the-art content with community-building applications, and created various event and marketing collateral.


  • Successful launch of live event and web portal
  • Exceeded target goals for participation
  • Gained immediate recognition and positive evaluations
  • Generated international interest, though the intended focus was domestic

Services provided

  • Brand strategy, naming, and identity
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Information architecture and web design
  • Presentation and marketing collateral

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